International Colloquium of Convergencia: “Ethic on the Real. Poetics and Politics of the Psicoanalitical Act”

June 18 and 19, 2022

Virtual Mode via ZOOM


GRITA, Grupo de Investigación e Intervención Psicoanalítica

Escuela Freudiana de Montevideo

Comisión de Enlace de Tucumán: Escuela de Psicoanálisis de Tucumán, Grupo de Psicoanálisis de Tucumán, Trieb Institución Psicoanalítica.


« The function of the act, as long as psychoanalytical matter deeply involves the subject ».

By J. Lacan Sem « The Analytical Act »

This  colloquium  as  a  preparing  activity  for  the  8°  Convergence  International Congress : Which ethics for the psychoanalysis today? For which we summon to all member associations for a work that enables us to discuss this issue from the ethics of the Real, poetics, and the politics of the analytical act. Psychoanalysis states its praxis since a « not all »  truth, in  which  every  psychoanalysis  is  summoned  to assume a point of view to make their act produce. This way it evokes the subject to the « be-being » as long as it is attached to the truth that the symptom reveals. Position and act, politics and savoir y faire are articulated in a function that operates and acquires a body on the act itself. Whether the politics of the psychoanalysis is the symptom, its discussion implies a savoir y faire of the analyst. That is where the Real suggests etics. The route outlined from the unconscious Freudian Unbewusste as the known towards the unconsciousness like the One Mistake : L’une Bevue and where the unknown is known by the One Mistake, demands another incidence by the analyst. It’s about a work of the analyst that trespasses the linguistic dimension of the language to operate from the political function. This way the analyst is not a poet but works as one to reveal another way to dwell the language, under this frame, the matter of the interpretation in the analytical experience is settled on the poe as long as you think that it makes visible what is not. On this subject, the etics of the Real states that « every psychoanalysis is forced to reinvent the psychoanalysis. Such a statement  implies  that  we  ask  ourselves :  Where  does  the  reinvention  of  the psychoanalysis aim to ? What does it imply for the analyst an articulated doing to the poetical dimension and to the etics of the Real ? How to think the position of the analyst before the politics of the unconsciousness in these days ? The link between the political doing, the clinical and the actual, is fairly in the discussion of the different dimensions of the language, priveleging its current of rhythm, consonance and Mistake.

Discussing the symptom to give it sense makes its delicious current bigger, that’s why the incidence of the analyst aims to  the work of the invention. The resonant evocations coming up to the unsaid and make recede the borders of the express able. And that’s how the possibility of thinking the wisdom is wide open. Not as a settled corpus, but something produced in the act. It is about a « know-doing » there. Finally we quote Octavio Paz to express what is hidden into the political act to make you reflect about the analytical act from an etics that summons to touch the Real.

« By the work of the poetry, the stone of the statue, the red in the painting, the word of the poem, aren’t just simply mere stone, color and goes beyond them. Without losing their primary values, its original weight, they are also like bridges  that  take  us  to  the  other  edge.  Gates  open  to  other  worlds  of meanings by the language itself »[1]

We eagerly expect that the work colloquium evokes works as « hands to work » that allows us to create new litorals of Convergeance

[1] Octavio Paz. El arco y la lira.

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