International Colloquium: Crisis in the culture

We could start from a considered, established and accepted difference between culture and civilization, although Freud only argues about the word Kultur. The culture concerns a subject o even the collective in which he participates, meanwhile the civilization acquires a general character, if not universal. Or today, global or neoliberal in the context of the universal capitalism, the civilization submits each own’s culture to itself order. Since then, the culture including the communitarian, is in crisis, in the gorges of the expansive demanding of the civilization. Here, Lacan would have talked about “facticity”: delusions, organization in fields, taxonomy and dominant segregations run counter any bond which articulates the cultural facts between them and, thereafter the subjects. These become actors of a social moving and of a vertiginous technological progress, supporting the limits of the ” all-possible”. The subject, who is now submitted to the algorithm laws which think about his place, and about “all connected” which assists him, doesn’t he take the risk of being stunt of his subjectivity, in benefit of the digital machine? Don’t these two instances, the universal management of the neoliberalism and the fascinating scientific progress, promote the individual at the expense of subjective dimension? How does the psychoanalysis position regarding these new problems?

Works presented